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M.Zen and his paintings in modern style.

"I have worked hard at the beginning, always make trial and error.I'm still an art student who always learn to do what I want entire life." -Mr.Zen-

MR.ZEN- the owner of Wua Art Gallery&Studio in Phuket Town.

He had the opportunity to showcase his works in several exhibitions as a solo artist and co-artist both in Thailand and abroad. He built up his experiences and his career in art since he was 18 years old as designer, advertising creative director,Interior Designer, sculptor and painter. 

His inspiration is from observing everyday human activities and the social situations are the concern of people. They influenced his recent artworks which reflect his viewpoint.

He uses different techniques on each piece of work to convey the meaning to the viewers.

“I have worked hard since the beginning. I believe in the philosophy of ‘trial and error’. I believe that to be an artist one needs to have talent but working and learning from experiences teaches us more than we can imagine. When talking about being an artist, it may include almost everything; painting, selling, even insurance. I don’t know what I can be but I know what I would like to do. I did not go to study at any institute because the information taught in these kinds of institutions is available in outside world as well. What some people may call “spirit” inspired by these institutes, I believe is more like our natural instincts. It is a part of us and is transmitted into art through our way of life. In my opinion, a painter and his artwork must be constituted from his life experiences and the journey he is on"-Mr.Zen, from "DAYBED VOL 129-
Exhibition & Art Event of Mr.Zen


- at VS Gallery in Bangkok
Series: FREE
in 2021

- at Espronceda in Brcelona, Spain.
Series: I am OK.
in 2020


- at Mom Tri’s Wok Gallery Kitchen
Series: Mr.Zen & djm, Naked minds
On October 2019
-  at The Author Space, Karon Beach, Phuket
Series: Nude of thought
In February 21-March 21, 2019

- at A Clay Gallery: Bangkok
Series: Act Twist, Group Art Exhibition
On Dec 7, 2018

-  at Espronceda, Barcelona, Spain

Series: PLAY

On May 14, 2015



Bangkok: Lotus Arts de Vivre launched

on Friday 19 June 2013


-  at Encontrate, Barcelona, Spain

Series: Fill in the brain

On May 15, 2013

- Art Dinner at Mare Restaurant

Think Design Magazine and Centara Grand Beach Resort collaborated to organize a Think Design Art Dinner at Mare Restaurant to feature local artists and talents.

November 30th, 2011


- at Wua Art Gallery, Phuket Thailand


September - October 2011


 - at Wua Art Gallery, Phuket Thailand

Art Exhibition: ON THE TABLE

In April 2011


- at Rinks Gallery, Khoa-Lak, Pang-Nga

Series: In My Head

In April 2010

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