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Art gallery by Mr.Zen.

This year marks the 14th anniversary of the opening of our gallery, which was founded by Mr. Zen, a talented Thai artist. His focus lies in showcasing the diverse and distinctive styles of art through his paintings.

If you had the opportunity to view his artwork back in 2009, you would have noticed the ever-evolving nature of his pieces over the years. This perpetual evolution catalyzes his boundless creativity, as his ideas seem to flow endlessly.

Mr. Zen holds the belief that art should be accessible to everyone, transcending boundaries and encompassing all aspects of life. He sees art as something extraordinary, for it knows no bounds or limitations.

Just like acclaimed filmmakers such as James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, and Tim Burton, who each contribute their own distinctive techniques to their movies, the individuality of each director's style remains evident and reflects their artistic vision. Similarly, Mr. Zen employs diverse artistic approaches to communicate the stories he aims to portray through his paintings.

Mr. Zen consistently emphasizes the importance of hard work as the foundation of his learning process. Painting is an integral part of his daily routine, interwoven with the movies he watches, the books he reads, and the activities he engages in. Thus, each of his artworks reflects his accumulated knowledge, attitude, and honed skills, making art an inseparable part of his life

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