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Dear, Teacher

I'm sorry that couldn't take your advice. I feel really sorry for my mother. She has to work hard alone. If I go to school that means there's no one help her for working.

Would you mind for personal leave? I have to help my mother for harvesting fruit. I'm not really sure for coming back to school again. Thank you very much for everything and continuing support. Best regards, Pongsakorn Arsapitakprai ......................................... Letters Street Art

This graffiti is the real letter of a poor student that has been sent to his teacher. It's expressed by the graffiti artists network that would like to tell the true problem in society.

Currently, there are more than 430,000 Thai children are outside of the compulsory education system and another 2 million poor children will not finish high school. Even though,There's free education policy but it doesn't cover to the additional essential living expenses.

So, if you have seen the graffiti like this in some where , please stop to read. They are the real messages from disadvantaged children.

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