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Doggo's lifestyle.

"Preserve your innocence to find happiness on this planet," is a saying often echoed by Mr. Zen. This philosophy serves as a guiding principle, aiding him in navigating life's challenges, and it profoundly influences his artistic creations.

His artworks uniquely reflect his perspective on life and the world around him, characterized by simplicity and a straightforward approach. While complexities may accompany various endeavors, Mr. Zen believes in achieving results through uncomplicated means.

Mr. Zen draws inspiration from the pure and unfiltered mindset of children, often referred to as innocence. As individuals grow older, this innocence tends to fade away. The enduring appeal of dogs, in Mr. Zen's eyes, lies in their loyalty and innate innocence—a cherished quality that tends to diminish as humans mature.

"Doggo's Lifestyle" is a distinctive series crafted by Mr. Zen to express his perspective on innocence. Through this collection, he aims to showcase the purity of outlook that dogs embody. The intention is to uplift our spirits, providing a source of energy to face challenges and encouraging us to continue our journey with joy.

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