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I'M OK : Idea and concept of Mr.Zen for the exhibition in Barcelona

It's time for the exhibition in Barcelona once again after past 5 years since 2015. Mr.Zen is very exiting to show his new series with the new fresh idea at Espronceda and Clubhause. The exhibition will get more participation of viewers to be part of the artwork creation. They will enjoy with the show and two way communication that the viewer's ideas will be spread out directly to the artwork series of Mr.Zen. Basically, we always have different points of view but the messages have to be kept in our minds. It's time to express any ideas and opinions of the viewers to the artwork. "If you like it, I'm ok and it's OK if you don't like it." -Mr.Zen-

Concept : The Keyword is “The Acceptance” The acceptance is the best way to be happy. We all find out the goal of life as the happiness. And we try to do everything to reach the goal but forget the best way for reaching by accepting anything both positive and negative that come through our lives. If we are acceptable for everything as it is reasonable to happen to our lives, the happiness will stays in our minds. It’s reasonable that the positive thing should happen to our lives and in the same way, the negative thing is a reasonable thing to happen to our lives as well. So, the happiness is able to happen both on the way and in the destination of life if we are acceptable to everything.

It’s not different with the artworks that have to receive the feedback and comment immediately after they have been expressed to the public. It's very common, both positive and negative happen and impact to our minds. So, this is the thing that has to be accepted. “The artwork” is the spot of being conspicuous for receiving the throwing questions, ideas, comments etc. So, we are able to be a good creator (good worker) when we can accept anything happen. “I’m OK” is the series that convey the concept of “ACCEPTABLE” and the acceptance is the happiness.

Let's come to join the show and throw out your feeling with commenting to the new series of Mr.Zen at Espronceda on the 6th of March 2020. See you then! #Exhibition #Art #Expressionism #Barcelona #Spain #Espronceda

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