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Street Art by Mr.Zen

Because of detachment in formation and presentation technique, allow Mr. Zen enjoys to create and surprise the audiences every time expressing the new series.

The detachment as a result, his creation is not limited on the canvas and located just only in the art gallery. So, his artworks are able through the eyes of many people.

Street Art becomes to another creative work of Mr. Zen. after joining "FAT project" in 2016 for the 12 pieces of murals in Phuket Old Town area are operated under a creative City of Gastronomy certificate assigned by UNESCO. Mr.Zen with collaborators produce the project by designing the concept about local foods that have been put symbolism, conformity and heritage in single piece of murals. Mr. Zen put the techniques and smells of Street Art into canvas, since then. And it's often, he presents his work on the wall with fun ideas and create some questions for viewers minds.

If you've heard "Art is life", Mr. Zen is a person who is a good representative of the words because art is like a his breath and it is the path in his daily life. Therefore, the fun and happiness from hard working, experimentation, learning, meeting various people and traveling of this man's life are related to "art". And these are the origin of his artistic creation style.

Mr.Zen has idea about art for the public. Having street art is good for culture, for the progress of civilization. It helps open eyes for the arts.

In 2018,Mr.Zen has joint with the charity project as "Khlongtoey Deejung" by creating the murals with many street artists : The main object of project is developing the space area in Bangkok’s biggest slums as Khlongtoey for children by using arts and music.

And In December 2019 at Ao yon beach Live art exhibition on the sand and the sea for sharing the experience of the sea, the jungle, and all of the area’s nature. And to remind the people to be conscious of this world, and grateful for the short time together. There are many artists and musicians enjoy each other and in community, and also to show respect and commemorate the 15th anniversary of the tsunami.

Mr.Zen is full of energy for creativity and he enjoys with trying the new things for his artworks that you can wait and see with the surprise.

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